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Hello, I want to Thank You in advance for being a friend and supporter!  I'm on a mission, my goal is to empower 1 million women.  It costs a great deal of money to keep this vision moving forward.  I've created a great opportunity for my friends to align themselves with me in helping to achieve this goal.  

Please look at the different levels below and make a conscious decision to be a SUPPORTER

*SILVER   $100      Wonman Woman Tour T-shirt

*GOLD     $250     WWT Baseball hat, T-shirt 

*PLATINUM     $500     WWT Baseball Hat, T-shirt, Book, Workbook


2019 was a good year, I was able to impact a large number of ladies through the "Wonman Woman Tour." You will receive a piece of the "Wonman Woman Tour memorabilia for your gift to C. Regi Rodgers #1 Relationship Coach. Thank you in advance for your contribution to help make 2020 even  greater.