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I will provide 1 on 1 coaching which will commence immediately. The client will receive a guide entitled "Attracting

 Love At First Spirit." This guide is the first step in understanding what is attractive to the opposite sex. Each day I will 

send a quote in a text for the client to send to the person she is interested in.

I would like to set up a 6 WEEK CONSULTATION EVALUATION so that I can monitor the progress. Each week I will

 increase in the pursuit of accomplishing our objective. I have had great success in providing the necessary tools for 

singles to become empowered in their pursuit of another. I have a formula that is very simple: It is this:

BE PATIENT-The capacity to accept or tolerate delay.

BE PERSISTENT- Firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action.

BUT DON'T BE PUSHY- Excessive or unpleasant self assertiveness.

BE POLISHED- Accomplished and skillful.


3- week personalized evaluation and consultation

4- 15-minute Skype calls or a total of 60 minutes

Free guide "Love At First Spirit."

Empowerment quotes sent daily

Gold Package

6- week personalized evaluation and consultation

6 - 15 minute skype calls or a total of 90 minutes

Comprehensive dating discovery planning session

Free guide "Love At First Spirit."

Empowerment quotes sent daily

Silver Package
My Product
Gold Package


Regi Rodgers is a powerful relationship coach. His ability to listen and respond with precise information, never ceases to amaze me. The way he puts together words, is an art form in itself. I have talked to him about several relationships and how to navigate my way through them, his advice was kind but direct. I love that his sessions are always a no judgment zone, and I feel free to express myself.

He is a genius at knowing how the human psyche works, in both, male and females.

 I will continue to work with him, as long as I have human interaction.



Regi, is straight forward when providing relationship expert advice. His guidance tactics, allows you to explore your past experiences so that you are clear on what you want before pursuing a relationship.